With envisage you can:

  • Improve productivity
  • Manage your business remotely
  • Monitor the results of each team member
  • Increase your sales and profits
  • Have unlimited users
  • Have unlimited teams
  • Have unlimited companies

We love Envisage! Because it is online, it is easy for our staff to log in from any device and update their graphs. Each team member shows their graph each week and the executives are able to get a good look at the statistics of the company.

This is vital to our expansion, and we could not do it without Envisage which makes it effortless, easy and fun.

The software is continually being updated with new cool features! The support team of Envisage is AMAZING and always helps out right away and provides solutions.

I highly, highly, highly recommend Envisage for ALL businesses, big or small.

Codi-Rose, Executive Director, Step and Repeat LA

What I like is the flexibility in which you can view your graphs daily, weekly, monthly etc., much easier than the spreadsheet we have been using for years. Also the ability to view and edit anywhere in the world perfectly aligns with the international expansion of our Company.

After my own due diligence on envisage I presented it to the owner who really enjoyed it.

Taylor - Aquapol

Unlimited Users

At envisage we believe every individual in your organization should monitor and track their own performance.

That's why you are unrestricted.

Add as many users as you need and give each their own statistic.

Unlimited Teams

Envisage has a powerful team management system, allowing you to grant different permission levels to specific graphs for specific members of your organization.

Create unlimited teams with different access levels such as view, add to, edit and manage.

Unlimited Organizations

With envisage you can have unlimited organizations all within the one interface.

Switch between Company A and Company B, or even keep statistics for your personal life.


The only way to run an organization effectively and with confidence is via accurate statistical data. Using anything else relies on opinion, politics or luck.

Envisage lets you summarise your data in one location allowing you to spot trends in your organization before they become a problem.


Have related statistics you need to keep track of?

Perhaps how much cash is available versus how many bills are owed?

Make comparison graphs allowing you to have multiple statistics on the same graph providing you with a quick and easy view of the actual position.

Data Collection

Envisage allows you to assign graphs to specific team members.

Each member is followed up to ensure the needed data is entered on time.

This reduces the administrative burden of tracking down people and entering their statisitics.

Notes and Major Events

When something major happens and it sends the stats soaring, you'll want to know why. Same applies if the stats suddenly fall.

Envisage allows you to mark these as a major event for future reference with a reference note. That way you'll always know why it happened, and what was changed.

Data Import and Export

We believe your data is yours. At any time, you can download all the data we have on any or all of your graphs in a CSV format, allowing you to use it however you see fit.

Our CSV import process allows you to enter bulk data from spreadsheets without double entry.

Access from Anywhere

Envisage provides you with a secure cloud storage allowing you and your entire team to access your graphs from anywhere in the world.

No matter where you are, or where your team is located you can know exactly what is happening in your enitre business.

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