Be aware of positive and negative experiences within your organization.

Avoid rumor, hearsay and gossip. Get all reports in writing for evaluation against statistics. Provide a simple channel to identify positive actions to enhance. Reports help you focus on what matters.

Customize Report Types

Create reports of any type so your team can easily notify management of occurrences throughout the organization.

Know when, what and who

Get all the facts, know what happened, when it occurred and who was involved so you can know why.

Tag Posts or Areas

Easy correlate reports with the org chart and statistics. Determine, with speed, if intervention is necessary.

Upload attachments

Upload documentation for additional proof, maintaining a culture of fact-driven decision-making, not rumor.

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The day we stop using envisage is the day we go out of business, and that's not going to happen because we are using envisage!

Jon Nesbit
The Customer Factory

I just can not say enough good things about the Envisage Team! They have saved me hours on a quarterly report I do and have been available to help me trouble shoot some issues.


It is easy for our staff to log in from any device and update their graphs.

Codi-Rose, Executive Director
Step and Repeat LA