Navigation can be hard

Navigation around large data sets of statistics can be tough, so we have some simple tools that allow you to rapidly dive into, and out of graphs to see what is happening in your organisation.

Instead of trying to explain everything, I've created two short videos for you to view, that should describe it pretty simply :)

Changing Date Ranges and using the Display As select box

Envisage provides a few methods of changing date. You can use the date pickers on the left to set specific dates, but most of the time, you'll just click one of the predefined Zoom settings of Week, Month, 12 Weeks, 26 Weeks, Year or All Values.  These provide simple, consistent and really fast ways to look at your stats.

The Display as select box allows you to view your statistics aggregated to different values. So if you are looking at a Daily graph, you can display it as a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or even Yearly value allowing you to zoom out and see larger trends.

Using the zoom function to dive into specific periods

Sometimes you are in your statistic, viewing at a long range and want to know why there was a down period from the notes you have. Using the zoom feature, you can quickly zoom into a period to allow you to show others or inspect it more closely.


Stop wasting time and money fixing the wrong thing in your company. You could have your key statistics entered in the next 15 minutes to have a clear picture of where you are going and what needs the most attention.

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